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Rallye Baie des Chaleurs
June 28-29, 2014
New Richmond, QC

Rallye Defi
September 5-6, 2014
Ste Agatha, QC

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Canadian Rally Championship

Announcement 2014-02

Subject: Proposed Wording for Re-start Regulations
Issue Date: January 31, 2014


Over the past few years, the CARS board has received several inquiries about re-starts in rallies after a DNF with several individuals who were going to write the rules to show how it could be done.  In the fall of 2013, the CARS board, through the Administrative Rules Committee (ARC), asked for a possible set of rules for ‘re-start’ in the CRC and in Canadian Rallies in general to be created.


2013 Rally Of The Tall Pines TV Show


2013 Rocky Mountain Rally TV Show

2013 Pacific Forest Rally TV Show

2013 Rallye Defi TV Show

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