North American Rally Cup






National competitors quailify for scoring, by running at least one event in each of the Canada and the United States. If a competitor only runs one event in each country, they can count up to 3 events in one of the countries for a  total of 4 events counted. If a competitor runs at least two events in each of country, they can count 2 to 4 events from either country, up to a total of 6 events counted.

Overall and 2WD awards presented to the top Drivers and Co-Drivers. You can join the long list of North American greats by competing, no registration required.

Since 1976 the North American Rally Cup has been awarded to the many of the best North American competitors, including ; John Buffum, Taisto Heinonen, Frank Sprongl, Carl Merril, Pat Richard, Antoine L' Estage, Tom McGeer, Andrew Comrie-Picard, Karl Scheible, Paul Choiniere, Bruno Kreibich, Mathew Lorio, Walter Boyce, Jean-Paul Perusse and Peter Thomson

2016 NARC Event Dates

RA Jan 29-30
Sno*Drift Atlanta, MI
CRC Feb. 05-06
Rallye Perce-Neige Maniwaki, QC
RA March 18-19
Rally of the 100 Acre Wood Salem, MO
RA April 22-24
Oregon Trail Rally Portland, OR
RA May 14-15
Olympus Rally
Olympia, WA
CRC June 4-5
Rocky Mountain Rally
Invermere, BC
RA June 3-4 Susquehannock Trail Rally
Wellsboro, PA
July 1-3
Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs
New Richmond, QC
RA July 15-16
New England Forest Rally Newry. ME
RA Aug 26-27
Ojibwe Forest Rally Detroit Lakes, MN
CRC Sept 8-10
Rallye Defi

Ste-Agathe, QC

CRC Sept 30 - Oct 1
Pacific Forest Rally Merritt, BC
RA Oct 14-15
Lake Superior Rally Houghton M
CRC Nov. 25-26 Rally Of The Tall Pines Bancroft, ON
CRC Dec 10-11
Big White Rally Kelowna, BC