CARS Regions / Clubs

CARS is an association of auto sport clubs from Across Canada. The country is divided into five regions who each elect a Regional Rally Director who also sits on the CARS Board of Directors.

The regions are:

Atlantic Region Motorsports (ARMS) governs activity in all of the Atlantic Maritime provinces
contact the Atlantic CARS Director

RallySport Quebec (RSQ) governs activity in the province of Quebec
Contact the RSQ CARS Director

RallySport Ontario (RSO) governs activity in the province of Ontario
Contact the RSO CARS Director

RallyWest (RW) governs activity in the provinces of Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta
Contact the RW CARS Director

Rally Pacific Motorsports (RPM) governs activity in the province of British Columbia
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The elected directors elect the president annually after considering nominations from member clubs. Several specialized personnel who assist in the running of particular aspects of the sport are also appointed on an annual basis.

For a complete listing of all member rally clubs please see the "Go Rallying -> Find a Member Club" section.