New CARS License Application.

In order to participate in performance (stage) rally events, you must have a recognised Rally Competition Licence. In most cases Canadian residents must hold a CARS issued Licence.

Basic Rally Licenses are issued by a CARS Region and may required for Navigational Rallies, Rally Cross, Rally Sprint and non-championship performance rallies.

To be eligible for a Regional Rally Licence you must:
• pay the required fee
• be 16 years of age or older
• have a valid driver's license
• be a member of a CARS affiliated Club
• hold a valid emergency first aid (or higher) certificate from a recognised provider
• have a valid CARS medical examination form signed by a physician
• have participated in two rally events, including Navigational Rallies, RallyCross, Rally Sprint or recognised Rally Schools

To be eligible for a National Rally Licence you need to qualify for a Regional licence and have successfully competed in two regional level events or one regional event and a recognised rally school.

Full details of licensing are in the CARS Rulebook.

If you have questions you can contact the CARS licensing registrar

2014 Permit to Compete in a CARS Sanctioned event for foreign license holdersedit

2014 CARS Licence Application edit

2014 demande de licence de compétiteur


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